Do you offer refunds?


We want you to be happy with the program but understand that it may not be a goof fit for everyone. Because of this, we offer a three (3) day “trial period” in which members can try the program, risk-free, with the option of receiving a full refund if you decide the program isn’t what you’re looking for!

To request a refund, please email us at

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“Do I qualify for a refund?”

Our refund policy applies to all of our available plans: monthly, quarterly, and annual memberships.

As long as you cancel your membership (or email us to request a cancellation) within three (3) days of your initial membership purchase, you’ll be eligible for a full refund on your purchase.           

For email cancellations, we will use the date of when you email us, so please don’t worry if you don’t hear back from us right away! As long as your cancellation request is sent to us within three days of your purchase, you’ll be eligible for a refund, regardless of when we actually reply.

“My membership just renewed! Can I get a refund?”

All of our memberships auto-renew unless otherwise explicitly stated.

We do not offer refunds for renewals. 

Please pay close attention to your renewal date. 

You can find your renewal date at any time by logging onto our website,, going to your “Dashboard” (upper right-hand corner), and looking under “Billing.”

“I cancelled outside of the refund period. Can I pay for the days I’ve already used and get a refund for the remainder of my membership?”

We do not offer partial refunds or pro-rated refunds for any reason. 

“I cancelled my membership. Why haven’t I received my refund?”

Refunds do not process automatically upon cancellation. Please email us to request a refund!

Your refund may take a few business days to be credited back to your account, so please be patient! Some banks and cards may also take longer to release the funds once we send them over. For more info on this, please contact your bank or credit card company directly.

“What happens if I cancel my membership but am not eligible for a refund?”

Cancelling outside of our refund period basically just turns off your auto-renewal. This means you’ll still have access to the program for the remainder of your current membership, however when your renewal date comes around, your membership will end rather than renewing.

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Due to the downloadable nature of the program’s content, we adhere strictly to our refund policy.

Thank you for understanding!

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